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Eric Taylor

President & CEO

CEO, President, Co-Founder & Director is responsible for bringing company products from conception to market; raising approximately $12 million to date; driving sales; assembling a top management team; and creating solid alliances with strategic partners.

With 18 years in the same-day freight industry as founder, Chairman and CEO of Jet Express Inc., Mr. Taylor lived through industry transformation due to deregulation and FedEx's strategic use of global tracking through new scanner technology.

Mr. Taylor has drawn on that experience to develop and implement a similar transformation through technology for the utility and HVAC industries. He has directed and overseen the implementation of this strategy in the development and distribution of innovative technologies and products.

Mr. Taylor's experience of a balanced of broad far-reaching vision, combined with practical business experience and leadership has resulted in Enalasys products being used in 12 States and 18 utility programs during the course of the company's history.

Lee Boothby

General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Ms. Boothby has been with Enalasys for over 13 years, and serves as the Company's General Counsel and Corporate Secretary. Ms. Boothby has more than 31 years experience as a business and litigation attorney. She is admitted to practice in the California, New Mexico and the District of Columbia.

She began her career as an expatriate tax attorney for Arthur Young & Company in Athens, Greece where she served as tax advisor to a number of prominent CEOs, Presidents and Vic Presidents of multinational corporations based in the Middle East and Northern Africa, including Mobil Oil, GE, Lockheed, First National Bank of Chicago and American Express.

After her return to California in 1986, she expanded her practice to include civil litigation as well as corporate and business law. From 2004 to 2005 she was an assistant district attorney in Taos, New Mexico. Thereafter she went back into private practice and has since established the New Mexico Legal Center located in Taos. She graduated from the University of Tennessee College of Law in 1979, where she served as Assistant Editor of Law Review.