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eScan | ChargeRite Pro™ChargeRite

(RCA) Fastest Charging System on the Market

  • VST Base Setup
    (Verification Service Technology)
    • Large/Pressure DCU
    • Radio/Receiver
    • Cables-USB/DB9
    • Software
  • Laptop Computer
  • Patented Probes (2)
  • Pressure Harness
  • TrueFlow® Meter (see below
  • Portable Bubble Jet Printer (not shown)
  • Carrying Case (not shown)
  • Overview
  • Programs
  • TrueFlow®

With the ChargeRite Pro™, technicians can properly diagnose and charge air conditioners with the correct amount of refrigerant levels.

The Pressure Data Collection Unit connects to the laptop and collects outdoor conditions and measurements at the condensing/outdoor unit, including temperatures and pressures.

A set of two probes contain temperature sensors, humidity sensors, and pressure sensors to collect and measure conditions in the return plenum and supply plenum. Each probe also has a pressure sensor to measure the condition outside of the air handler.

The use of the eScan ChargeRite™ System can be used in:

State of California Title 24 Measures Requiring Field Verification and Diagnostic Testing

  • Air Conditioner Measures
    • Improved Refrigerant Charge
    • Installation of TXV
    • Adequate Air Flow
    • Air Handler Fan Watt Draw (Also requires Portable Watt Meter)
    • High EER
    • Maximum Cooling Capacity

Utility Programs

  • Air flow and Refrigerant Charge

Any additional programs similar to CA Title 24 Air Conditioner Measures

TrueFlow® Air Handler Flow Meter by Energy Conservatory.


  • Designed to provide a simple and accurate measurement of airflow through residential air handlers.
  • The TrueFlow Meter temporarily replaces the filter in the air handler distribution system during the airflow measurement process.
  • If the filter location is directly adjacent to the air handler, the TrueFlow Meter will measure the total air handler flow.
  • If the filter is located remotely at a central return, the TrueFlow Meter will measure airflow through the central return.

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