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eScan | DuctTite™


(DTS) Diagnose Air Ducts for Potential Leakage.

What is included:

  • VST Base Setup
    (Verification Service Technology)
    • Large/Pressure DCU
    • Radio/Receiver
    • Cables-USB/DB9
    • Software
  • DuctBlaster® by Energy Conservatory (see below)
  • A digital camera is not included, but recommended to document condition of distribution system.
  • Overview
  • Programs
  • DuctBlaster®

VST Base Equipment Overview
The two components needed for operating the eScan software and use of the
verification services are the two components listed above and applicable cables.  This is all a contractor needs from Enalasys if he has his own laptop and other compatible diagnostic tools like a  duct blaster. 

The Radio/Receiver connects to the back of the laptop via a usb cable, and communicates with the large data collection unit (DCU) which is connected to a compatible computerized digital sensor.  If the user decides he or she would like to be able to perform various diagnostic testing additional components will be necessary.

An example would be if the user wants to diagnose duct leakage a duct blaster would need to be purchased.  measures the charge rite along with duct testing an additional purchase will need to be made.  The contractor will need to purchase the AHDCU with probes and Pressure harness which attaches to his Large/Pressure DCU.  Any additional upgrades would include flow hoods & Remote DCU.  

eScan Base qualifies for the State of California Title 24 Measures Requiring Field Verification and Diagnostic Testing and many other states ask for details

The use of the eScan DuctTite™ would meet the testing equipment requirements for installation and/or field verification for the following programs:

State of California Title 24 Measures Requiring Field Verification
and Diagnostic Testing

  • Duct Measures
    • Duct Sealing
  • Air Conditioner Measures
    • Installation of TXV

Utility Programs

  • Duct Leakage and Seal

Any additional programs similar to CA Title 24 as listed above

Duct Blaster®
duct blaster

  • A lightweight Duct Blaster fan weighs just 7 pounds, but delivers enough air flow (an amazing 1,500 CFM) to test even the leakiest of duct systems
  • Quick and accurate air tightness measurements from 20 - 1,500 CFM. Compatible for both pressurization and depressurization testing. Compatible for both pressurization and depressurization testing.
  • The Duct Blaster can be easily used in new construction applications where a Blower Door can't be used (e.g. before sheet rock is installed).
  • The Duct Blaster can also be used as a powered flow hood to accurately measure air flows through the air handler fan, registers and grilles, and exhaust fans.
  • It incorporates a variable fan speed control (solid state) available for both 110V and 220V models and a data collection module for communication with and control by the laptop.
  • Includes a padded nylon carrying case with shoulder strap.

TrueFlow® Air Handler Flow Meter
Designed to provide a simple and accurate measurement of airflow through residential air handlers. The TrueFlow Meter temporarily replaces the filter in the air handler distribution system during the airflow measurement process. If the filter location is directly adjacent to the air handler, the TrueFlow Meter will measure the total air handler flow. If the filter is located remotely at a central return, the TrueFlow Meter will measure airflow through the central return.

Blower Door®
Our Blower Door facilitates tests to gauge the air tightness levels of building envelopes. It is utilized to diagnose and demonstrate air leakage problems, estimate natural infiltration rates, estimate efficiency losses from that air leakage, and to certify construction integrity. The Blower Door enables precise, stable flow measurements without the need for gauge dampening. Quick and accurate flow measurements from 30 to 6,300 CFM. It consists of a lightweight, rugged injection molded fan housing with and a variable fan speed control (solid state) in both 110V/60 Hz and 220V/50 Hz models (CE labeling available for 220V model) as well as a data collection module for communication with and control by the eScan laptop.

Digital pressure and flow gauge is the latest instrumentation option for the Model 3 Blower Door. The DG-700 contains 2 precision pressure sensors which provide simultaneous display of both building pressure and Blower Door fan flow readings. It's specialized "Baseline" and "CFM @50" features makes it extremely easy to get quick and accurate airtightness test results. In addition, the DG-700 can be used along with a laptop computer and specialized TEC software to conduct fully automated Blower Door tests.

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