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Enalasys participating contractors submit over 300 tests daily.
Over 87% percent of the HVAC systems tested required adjustment.
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eScan | Pro™

  • 6 Wireless data Collection Units (DCU) and one base station
  • Four patented DCU Airflow Hoods -- one for supply registers (with two skirts), two for return grilles (one small and one large) and one for the condensing / outdoor unit. A fifth DCU (Pressure Unit) collects outdoor conditions and measurements at the condensing / outdoor unit, including temperatures and pressures.
  • The sixth DCU (Remote) measures ambient conditions in the attic or crawl space.
  • The base station includes a laptop computer, proprietary software, transceiver, color printer and applicable cables. Includes three extension poles (2-long and 1-Short) and Data collection Probes for Air Handler. All equipment comes in durable blue nylon bags.

The use of the eScan Pro™ would meet the testing equipment requirements for installation and/or field verification for the following programs:

State of California Title 24 Measures Requiring Field Verification and Diagnostic Testing

  • Air Conditioner Measures
    • Improved Refrigerant Charge
    • Installation of TXV
    • Adequate Air Flow
    • Air Handler Fan Watt Draw (Also requires Portable Watt Meter)
    • High EER
    • Maximum Cooling Capacity

Utility Programs

  • Air flow and Refrigerant Charge
  • Any additional programs similar to CA Title 24 Air Conditioner Measures

EPA Energy Star field verification for  New ENERGY STAR® Residential Air-Source Heat Pumps and Central Air Conditioners.

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