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Terminology 101

- Verification Service Provider (VSP)
- Verification Service Technology (VST)
- HomeEnalasys
- Title 24
- eScan
- Energy Efficiency Measure (EEM)
- Energy Efficiency Rating (EER)
- Energy Savings

Verification Service Provider (VSP)
A verification service provider is a company that provides documented verification of work performed. Licensed contractors perform a specified type of work or service that is verified and audited by the VSP. In the context of the Programs, the service which the Enalasys oversees is HVAC testing service and correction work.

Verifciation Service Provider is a term coined by Eric Taylor, CEO of Enalasys in 1997 and was on the market by 2001.

As a Verification Service Provider, Enalasys verifies HVAC Quality Installation and retrofit measures.

Verification Service Technology (VST)
The Enalasys Verification Service Technology patented diagnostic hardware and software assists participating contractors with diagnostic testing with more precision and accuracy than ever before. This innovative technology (VST) was developed by Enalasys and works with standard industry equipment like the Duct Blaster® and ServiceAssistant®.

HomeEnalasys™ is a California State Certified program which participating contractors peform diagnostic tests on new or existing residential and commercial HVAC units. The results are then uploaded to a database where they can be accessed by participating utilities and governmental agencies. The certified program was approved in 2006 by all 5 commissioners of the California Energy Commission.

Title 24
Title 24 is a California Energy Code pertaining to HVAC installation measures and specifications. For more information about this, check out Title 24 under the Government section.

Is the patented and tamperproof software used for verification purposes and developed by Enalasys. contractor's ability to properly diagnose HVAC equipment for inefficiencies. This technology also takes results and places them into state forms for you.

Energy Efficiency Measure (EEM)
An EEM is product or service designed to reduce energy consumption, use and/or increase the efficacy of said equipment when installed at the Customer’s Site.  In the context of this Program, charge and airflow verification services shall be the EEM eligible for incentives as set forth on the Program Manual.

Energy Efficiency Rating (EER)
The EER for air conditioners, which is the ratio of BTUs cooling per watt of power input based on specified test conditions.  The higher the EER number, the more efficient the associated equipment.

Energy Savings
The amount of energy in terms of kilowatt (kW), kilowatt-hours (kWh) or therms that are saved by installing an EEM.

The heating, ventilation and air conditioning system(s) in a home or business used for heating, cooling, and maintaining the home or business at a controlled temperature, surrounded by fresh air, at a humidity level that is safe and comfortable for the building and its contents.

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