Did You Know?
Enalasys is working with contractors, builders, and local and state
governments to create programs that promote energy conservation.
Did You Know?
Enalasys is working with contractors, builders, and local and state
governments to create programs that promote energy conservation.
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    Eric Taylor

President & CEO

Eric Taylor With 18 years in the same-day freight industry as founder, Chairman, and CEO of Jet Express Inc., Eric Taylor lived through a significant industry transformation. The introduction of a “proof-of-delivery” system with scanner technology contributed to a mass transformation for many major companies like Fed-Ex. In 1997, Mr. Taylor relied on that experience to develop and implement a similar transformation through technology for the utility and HVAC industries. With the new technology, Mr. Taylor’s newly formed company, Enalasys, was able to track the usage of energy inputs and outputs as a means to measure energy savings. He has personally directed and overseen the research, development, and distribution of all innovative technologies, services and products created by Enalasys.

Through out their history, Enalasys products and services have been used to verify (proof of service) over 1.2 million HVAC systems commercial and residential in 18 Utility programs throughout the U.S and Mexico. These products and services have generated over 90m in revenues since entering the energy market place in 1999. Enalasys is currently the only Third Party Quality Control Program (TPQCP) Certified by the California Energy Commission and was certified in 2006.

Enalasys was incorporated in 1997 with Mr. Taylor being the original investor. Today he is the president and CEO of INC. Magazine’s 44th Fastest Growing Company in America, 2009 edition, and 3rd fastest growing company in the energy sector. In 2010 Mr. Taylor and the Enalasys team had an unprecedented year when they were listed a second time in INC Magazine’s top 1200 companies in the United States.

Eric Taylor plays a critical and crucial role for Enalasys. As CEO and President, Mr. Taylor, is responsible for bringing company products from conception to market, raising over 13m in capital, and driving sales. With his leadership, Enalasys has survived two market downturns over a span of 17 years and he has most recently re-invented the company (in his words) to “ride the tide of the ever changing utility energy efficiency markets.

Mr. Taylor is a pillar in his industry. Currently he is an active member of the Western HVAC Performance Alliance which is a California Public Utilities Commission Committee that uses the expertise of industry leaders to advise California utility companies. In 2014 Mr Taylor was awarded the SBA's Prestigious Environmental Excellence Award for San Diego and Imperial Counties. Enalasys is currently rolling throughout California, a web-based streamline permitting system for HVAC contractors to pull permits online for HVAC Change outs. He is also the founder of the Green it Forward Movement; a movement which spotlights the Power of Kindness and giving forward in a green, energy efficient, way.

    Scott Morehouse

Mechanical Engineer / General Manager - Automatic Air Filter Division        top

Scott Morehouse Building upon and interest of how things work and how to improve them, has lead Scott down a wide path of learning and experience. Though that interest was not always welcome by his parents when, as a young boy, his new gifts and toys were quickly disassembled to discover how they operated. As a teen that interest lead him to employment in areas as machining, electrician and race boat construction. Academically Scott has applied himself to design, mechanics and general engineering studies. At 20 years of age he joined the US Navy to serve as a shipboard Electrician and earned the rank of E5 after four years of service.

Scott has 30 years working in the engineering / technical fields. Notably he has served as lead mechanical engineer at Enalasys in development of their flagship product the eScan, which has been branded by Honeywell. As an entrepreneur, he has led his website development company for 10 years offering websites to small businesses and organizations specializing in custom applications and frameworks. He is resourceful and credited for finding solutions to challenging design and system requirements.

In the early days of Enalasys he assisted the inventor in the development of the companies flagship product - the eScan system (computerized HVAC diagnostic equipment). His duties included prototyping, and building of the testing facility housing a wind tunnel and climate simulation rooms. One of Mr. Morehouse's greatest accomplishments while the eScan was being developed was overcoming a major barrier that would have stopped the company in its tracks. The issue was a matter of collecting airflows in the field from HVAC systems return and supply registers. Mr. Morehouse stepped up to the challenge and developed a manifold that is patented by Enalasys and is the only commissioning tool in the U.S. at an Accuracy of + -4 percent. As the company grew an R&D team was established with engineers of various disciplines, Scott held the position of Mechanical Design Engineer. As the product moved into production he sourced suppliers and managed the in-house fabrication and assembly. Honeywell eventually branded the product, increasing our sales to their contractor network.

In summary, Scott is credited with establishing and overseeing the following in-house services for enalasys: 3D Mechanical design, prototyping (3D printing, CNC Milling), Plastics fabrication (Thermoforming, Injection Molding), extensive supply chain (USA, Mexico, China, Ireland), and web-based ERP systems.

    Lee Boothby

General Counsel and Corporate Secretary        top

Lee Boothby Ms. Boothby has been with Enalasys for over 13 years, and serves as the Company's General Counsel and Corporate Secretary. Ms. Boothby has more than 31 years experience as a business and litigation attorney. She is admitted to practice in the California, New Mexico and the District of Columbia.

She began her career as an expatriate tax attorney for Arthur Young & Company in Athens, Greece where she served as tax advisor to a number of prominent CEOs, Presidents and Vic Presidents of multinational corporations based in the Middle East and Northern Africa, including Mobil Oil, GE, Lockheed, First National Bank of Chicago and American Express.

After her return to California in 1986, she expanded her practice to include civil litigation as well as corporate and business law. From 2004 to 2005 she was an assistant district attorney in Taos, New Mexico. Thereafter she went back into private practice and has since established the New Mexico Legal Center located in Taos. She graduated from the University of Tennessee College of Law in 1979, where she served as Assistant Editor of Law Review.